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In a world where the same five or six shows are the only ones people seem to want to talk about, there are many of equal or better quality that are forced to take a back seat.  Though these mainstream shows may be good quality (after all why would so many people like it otherwise?), that doesn’t mean that they are the only programs worth watching or keeping up with.  There are so many that are kept in cold and forgotten about.  They are left undiscovered and unappreciated and this leads to many programs to be cancelled well before they should have been.

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This website aims to preserve the shows that go unnoticed and to shed light on those in trouble of ending too soon as well as keep those that are gone from being forgotten.  Whether it be shows that were cancelled too soon, shows on the verge of cancellation, shows premiering on lesser known networks, shows that are brand new and don’t have notoriety yet and shows that are just being ignored by the mainstream media.  We aim to inspire people to take a chance on a show that needs it and to broaden their horizons on television in general.

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Through reviews on these mostly unknown series, seasons, casts and posts regarding subjects ranging from why these shows are failing with the public to comparisons to mainstream programs, this website was created with the intention to give people perspective on programs that they have yet to discover as well as to give people ideas on what they can watch next.  Whether it be they’ve finished a series or are waiting for their favorites to return from hiatus.  We want to encourage the public to explore a variety of genres over a multitude of networks, to take a interest in television beyond what the media says is worth watching and to discover their next show to binge.