Website Header

This header contains images of cartoon televisions standing in front of an old tv set and a clip art of a tv set sitting on the tv set’s ledge.  These images were chosen because they represented the topic of my website without drawing too much attention to specific networks, streaming platforms or specific series.  It’s basic yet still had a pop of color and personality.

I combined the images using Pixlr editor.  I used free-tranform to make the clip art smaller and bit it onto the ledge of the tv set.  I added a gradient on all four sides to round out the edges as well as make the color of the tv set go with the cartoons and clip art.  I also changed the color of the cartoon televisions to match the theme colors of the website and the clip art.  The cartoons were originally orange, yellow and red but I felt they were very harsh and overbearing for the website itself.  I decided to go with a purple and teal color scheme in order to not draw too much attention yet still bring character to the site.  They also express the idea that this website is for the underground of television series.  For a site that reports on more mainstream shows, they might include photos from popular shows or logos for Netflix or NBC.  This header is a bit quirky and unique which I think goes really well with the purpose of the site.

The background image was taken from “Tv set” by Machintoy from flickr (licenced CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) and the clip art was taken from “Tv icon” by Hullernuc from Open Clip Art Library (licenced CCO 1.0).  I decided to use the “Tv set” photo because the website said it was good to used if I sited them properly and was using it for non-commercial purposes.  I decided to use the “Tv icon” clipart because it can be used under public domain and therefore it’s available me to use for any purpose that I need.


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