Podcast Intro

When creating the intro for my podcast, I wanted something a simple with a fun, upbeat track in the background.  I wanted the track to sound a bit indie rock yet still be fun and I wanted it to give off a feel that what I will be talking about in the podcast are things that no one talks about.  I wanted the track to be instrumental so as not to distract from the parts where I speak but I still wanted it to be intriguing enough during the parts where I’m silent so as not to bore the listener.

The first thing I did was write my script and record my voice using Audacity.  I was already somewhat familiar with Audacity but still had some trouble figuring out the software.  It tooks about two tries to get my voice the way I wanted it.  As someone who hates listening to themselves on tape, I wanted to get the actual recording done as quick as possible.  You can even hear me almost laugh in the audio as well as I feel like I’m speaking rather softly due to my roommates being in an adjacent room and I was afraid they could hear me talking to myself.  Overall though, despite the flaws of the audio, I liked the way it turned out after such few takes.  I thought the part that sounds like I almost crack up really shows who I am and how I want the podcast to be fun and a bit carefree.  I want to be able to be myself in a podcast and not worry about creating a persona for my listeners.  I want the podcast to express how I feel about certain topics and shows but still be authentic to me.

I then added a track I found on freemusicarchive.org called “Scottish Indie” by Scott Holmes.  I went into “effects” to add a fade in and fade out as well as lowered the volume so as not to have it overpower the voice track.  I eported the file once I was happy with it and added it to my soundcloud.  Really excited to see how the rest of my poscast turn out.


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