Making the screencast was an interesting experience.  I had to figure out how to use a new program and I ended up really liking it.  It was simple to use and it wasn’t too complicated to figure out.

I maybe filmed about 30 takes of the same three minute screencast.  This is probably because I went without a script.  I was going to write one but I pretty much knew what I was going to say.  I didn’t want to use a script because I wanted it to sound more like how I talk.  I felt that the screencast and the information I was giving out would sound more authentic if I just talked and said what was on my mind without considering too much my actual words.  The multiple takes came from stutters and messing up my words to a point that they didn’t make sense.  My thoughts often skip from the beginning of the sentence in my head to head and change it in the middle so sometimes what I’m saying doesn’t make sense.  You’d think that this would then get me to use a script but I still felt like if I tried enough and continued to say similar ideas that I would eventually get it, and I did.

I also played around with how I was going to move my cursor and how I was going to scroll on each website.  I wasn’t sure if I should click on pages or which widgets to draw attention to or which tags to go in or how far to scroll down.  This was especially difficult with the Tumblr part because I wanted to choose two tags that would get my point across without making the screencast feel cluttered or confusing.  Also, scrolling a ways can be dangerous on Tumblr since there can be very inappropriate or sexual pics that come up without provocation.  I should have included it in the screencast but there are times when there are spam posts that have nothing to do with the tag that will come up.  It’s annoying and often times gross.  I’ve flagged so many in the past and prayed that none would come up when I was doing the screen recording.


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