Big Announcement!

taken from Elijah’s Promise website

Hello everyone! It’s Skylar Jeremias, the author of TV’s Hidden Gems. I’m excited to announce that for the next couple weeks, I will joining forces with Comedians Connected and Encouragemint for a collaborative campaign. Since all of our sites address some form of coming together to make the world better, we are going to produce a series of podcasts and videos that provide tutorials, reviews, and information about donating food for the homeless and Elijah’s Promise. TV’s Hidden Gems will be making a video project that teaches how food donations are important and how easy it is by analyzing certain episodes of sitcoms, and we’ll be publishing great guest posts by our partners. Comedians Connected will be doing a screencast detailing comedians that have struggled with health problems and have addressed them during their acts to show the importance of food donations.  Encouragemint will also be doing a screencast discussing how to get involved with Elijah’s Promise by helping with food donation, catering and volunteering.


Elijah’s promise is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in our local community.  They believe in making sure no one goes hungry and that everyone has a chance to get a meal regardless of how much money they have.  They believe in helping those less fortunate and giving back.  I want my part of this collaboration to show that these values are instilled in our society and expressedthrough television.   I want to show that those who work in the entertainment industry feel just as strongly about his cause as we do and that they want to shed light on it.  This project is very exciting and near and dear to each of our hearts so be sure to stay tuned.

Keep up to date with TV’s Hidden Gems, Comedians Connected, and Encouragemint as the campaign unfolds, and visit to learn about all of their great educational projects.


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