Comparison of Two Pieces of Content

The first piece of internet content I want to talk about that is similar to my site is  Overall, I like the website.  It gives ratings for different television shows and even extends their reviews to movies, music and games as well.  It’s a website completely focused on giving reviews.  Ratings out of 100 are generally based on reviews by critics.  They display reviews sent in by professional critics and users.  I only have two issues with the site.  One is that I don’t like how many advertisements are on the site.  It makes it all look very cluttered.  I understand they have to make money but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the entire site.  The second critique I have is that it doesn’t bring anything new or original to the table.  All of their reviews are based on other people, which is great to get thoughts from the general public but a site like mine doesn’t have the acclaim yet to be able to have such results.

The second piece of internet content is a YouTube video by Cracked.  They have a series called “After Hours” where four characters sit in a diner late at night and discuss movie and TV and the cultural significance they have.  The video I will discuss is “Why Every 80’s Sitcom Decided To Kill Off The Mom.”  Though I could never copy the scene structure of these skits for obvious reasons, I do look at this type of video as something that I want my site to strive to be more like.  Right now, my site is simple.  I’m just critiquing shows and drawing attention to the ones that don’t get talked about as much.  This video not only talks about more shows in one video than my entire site combined has, but it also draws on reasons that these patterns in shows exist in regards to the societal structures that are in place at the time they were created.  I hope one day to expand my content to analyzing the social issues that contribute to a show getting made or being cancelled.


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