Group’s Progress


taken from Spirit of Love

So far, I’m feeling like my group is progressing well.  We’ve met a couple times now to discuss what our projects will entail and how they connect to each other’s websites.  It’s been hard finding time to meet though since we all have busy schedules.  We’ve made sure to correspond mostly over emai and text so even when we can’t meet, we’re still in correspondence with each other.  We’ve done the best we can.

The skills I’ve learned for audio editing using Audacity has been super helpful in choosing a song for my video.  I was originally going to layer two on top of each other but decided not too.  Even though I am not using Audacity in my project, playing around with the technology helped me see what I wanted the music to be like for my project.  I also tried using Screencast-O-Matic which was a challenge.  It wasn’t opening for me and I didn’t know why.  I found a way around it but it was really frustrating for a while.  Overall, I’m excited to see how my project turns out and am excited to publish it on my website.  I hope it turns out as amazing as it is in my head and I hope it encourages people to go out an make a change in the world.

Two big milestones I’ve hit are finding all the clips that I’m going to use in the video and writing a large portion of my section of the paper.  Two things I am planning on accomplishing in the near future are finishing all of the parts of my paper and finishing the entirety of my video before the deadline of the final. It’s been hard lately because I have had two other projects due on the same day. It’s been difficult to get everything done on time but I am determined to finish it.


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