Well-known vs. Unknown authors

A well-known author or site is Rotten Tomatoes.  Rotten Tomatoes is a site the does reviews.  They even have an entire page dedicated to lists of shows.  What’s trending now, what’s premiering tonight, best shows of the fall, best shows of all time, best episodes of the week, which shows are have the best seasons.  You name a list, they have it all on this one page.  This website is well renowned as far as rating shows and movies go.  They are constantly sourced in YouTube videos and review articles.  They are the first place people go to see how good something is going to be.  They are trusted by a large portion of the populus.

A lesser known author is YouTuber Stuff With Scout Fly.  He does a lot of review type videos. Top 10 Best Shows, Top 5 Worst Nick Shows, and Top 5 Accidentally Terrifying Kid Shows just to name a few.  The way he talks about each individual show and why it’s a certain position on the list, he makes it sound so intelligent a well thought out.  He makes it look like he knows what he’s talking about and his reasons for why he feels a certain way are all valid reasons.  It’s very hard to argue his positions even though they are opinion based because he’s put a lot of thought into them and has taken careful consideration .

Overall, I want to be able to give my opinions on subjects that matter to me and both of these examples show me how.  Rotten Tomatoes is simple and shows that a rating system can really be universal and give you credibility. Stuff With Scout Fly shows that if you back up your opinions with valid reasoning and facts, you can also increase credibility which can allow your audience to trust you and want to continue to hear from you.


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