Collaboration Video for Elijah’s Promise

Hi everybody! It is finally time to reveal the collaborative campaign that Comedians Connected, Encouragemint and myself have been working on with the organization Elijah’s Promise. If you missed the announcement post, Elijah’s Promise is essentially a local organization here in the New Brunswick, New Jersey area on a mission to feed all the people living in the area by providing safe and nutritious food for those in need, educating the community about food safety, and overall empower the community.

This video features a comparison of five different television shows that have used holiday episodes to address homelessness and hunger issues in the community.  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had a two part Thanksgiving episode with two characters working at a food bank.  Beverly Hills 90210 had a character invite a homeless veteran to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family.  Saved By The Bell had a character romantically interested in a homeless woman who lived with her father over the Christmas holiday.  Glee had two three characters volunteering for a food bank for Christmas and had others donate food, decorations, and make a connection with children of financially struggling families.  How I Met Your Mother’s very first Thanksgiving episode was dedicated to three characters volunteering for a homeless shelter to show that the most important thing regarding this cause is that you get involved. I also added two statistics that I got from National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness and an article on CNN Money.

If you want to get involved with Elijah’s Promise or other organization that do similar work in other areas you can reference any one of the links down below:….


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