TV Memes and What They Mean

I’ve chosen 3 television show inspired memes that all address this site and explain a little more about what my content is trying to convey.

1. “True Story” meme from How I Met Your Mother

This meme conveys how I want to react to the way my audience feels.  I hope that my content is surprising them and entertaining them.  I want to be able to go back to my audience with an attitude like “I know.  I never thought of it before but can you believe that? Wow.”  I want to come from a perspective like I get how they feel because I felt like that at first.  That’s what makes the meme so shareable in a sense too.  The meme conveys a feeling that “I know this sounds unbelievable but it’s true.”  It mostly just tells how sharing content and stories feels in general.  What I find interesting about his particular meme is that this quote is said often by Barney Stintson in How I Met Your Mother only when he tells a crazy story that you know never happened.  The meme itself has shifted to be used for the same purpose or to talk about amazing things that did happen.  The meme is used for both purposes.

taken from KnowYourMeme

2. Lena Dunham quote from Girls

This meme expresses my purpose for creating this site.  I want to show people that there is more than what is being talked about by the news and popular websites.  I want to give underrated and forgotten shows a voice much like Hannah is doing here from HBO’s Girls.  This meme is shareable because it’s a feeling that everyone has, especially writers/content creators in general.  We all want to speak our minds and be relevant.  We all want to have people agree with us and think we are smart and that we understand people like us.  We all want to be heard in whatever manifestation that takes on.  This meme is interesting because its almost meta.  The meme itself is speaking for a generation that wants to be the voice of their generation.  Using the meme makes you a voice for a generation because memes are the new way to get a message out into the world.

taken from KnowYourMeme

3. “You’re all I want!” quote from American Horror Story (season 1)

This meme is basically how I feel, and how I assume my audience feels, whenever a show I like gets cancelled.  This is especially true when I knew it could’ve really been something but no one watched it.  This is the feeling that my entire site is centered around.  This meme is shareable because it can be used for any time something you love goes away.  Someone eats all your food, have to part with old makeup, sneakers get a hole, children go to college, leaving a concert knowing the artist is going to another town.  The possibilities are endless.  What I find interesting about this meme, and really most American Horror Story memes from season 1, is that the character in this is Tate.  Tate was a murderer/rapist who was manipulative and crazy.  His character is PRAISED by the AHS fandom.  He’s quotes all the time and there are even shirts sold with quotes of his.  It’s crazy to think that there are popular memes of a character this awful.  But I guess if it’s relatable it doesn’t really matter.

taken from KnowYourMeme

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