About Us

This is a website created in order to address television shows that aren’t being talked about as those with the popularity and priase as, let’s say, Game of Thrones or Scandal.  Not to say that shows like that aren’t good.  This page was created to shed light on programs that derserve a little love and appreciation as well as give readers and idea of something new to watch.  We will even draw on similarities to more well known shows to give readers more of an idea of what they are like.  We want to freely talk about shows that were cancelled too soon, on the verge of cancellation, on lesser known networks, are brand new and don’t have any notoriety yet or are just being ignored by the mainstream media.


Header image sources: Tv set by Machintoy from flickr (licenced CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) and Tv icon  by Hullernuc from Open Clip Art Library (licenced CCO 1.0)