TV Memes and What They Mean

I’ve chosen 3 television show inspired memes that all address this site and explain a little more about what my content is trying to convey.

1. “True Story” meme from How I Met Your Mother

This meme conveys how I want to react to the way my audience feels.  I hope that my content is surprising them and entertaining them.  I want to be able to go back to my audience with an attitude like “I know.  I never thought of it before but can you believe that? Wow.”  I want to come from a perspective like I get how they feel because I felt like that at first.  That’s what makes the meme so shareable in a sense too.  The meme conveys a feeling that “I know this sounds unbelievable but it’s true.”  It mostly just tells how sharing content and stories feels in general.  What I find interesting about his particular meme is that this quote is said often by Barney Stintson in How I Met Your Mother only when he tells a crazy story that you know never happened.  The meme itself has shifted to be used for the same purpose or to talk about amazing things that did happen.  The meme is used for both purposes.

taken from KnowYourMeme

2. Lena Dunham quote from Girls

This meme expresses my purpose for creating this site.  I want to show people that there is more than what is being talked about by the news and popular websites.  I want to give underrated and forgotten shows a voice much like Hannah is doing here from HBO’s Girls.  This meme is shareable because it’s a feeling that everyone has, especially writers/content creators in general.  We all want to speak our minds and be relevant.  We all want to have people agree with us and think we are smart and that we understand people like us.  We all want to be heard in whatever manifestation that takes on.  This meme is interesting because its almost meta.  The meme itself is speaking for a generation that wants to be the voice of their generation.  Using the meme makes you a voice for a generation because memes are the new way to get a message out into the world.

taken from KnowYourMeme

3. “You’re all I want!” quote from American Horror Story (season 1)

This meme is basically how I feel, and how I assume my audience feels, whenever a show I like gets cancelled.  This is especially true when I knew it could’ve really been something but no one watched it.  This is the feeling that my entire site is centered around.  This meme is shareable because it can be used for any time something you love goes away.  Someone eats all your food, have to part with old makeup, sneakers get a hole, children go to college, leaving a concert knowing the artist is going to another town.  The possibilities are endless.  What I find interesting about this meme, and really most American Horror Story memes from season 1, is that the character in this is Tate.  Tate was a murderer/rapist who was manipulative and crazy.  His character is PRAISED by the AHS fandom.  He’s quotes all the time and there are even shirts sold with quotes of his.  It’s crazy to think that there are popular memes of a character this awful.  But I guess if it’s relatable it doesn’t really matter.

taken from KnowYourMeme

Collaboration with Encouragemint

As promised, here is the guest post featuring my peer, Anne Choi, author of Encouragemint.  Encouragemint is a blog dedicated to acting as a consolidated source for information about health and fitness from a fellow health enthusiast and providing a user friendly platform that can be pulled apart to cater to all many different goals for you and your body.

As part of the campaign, she has created a video on information about Elijah’s Promise, including its history and goals, the essential nutrients everybody needs to survive, and the harsh realities of hunger affecting people in America and even globally.  She has also included facts to support her research from Elijah’s PromiseWhyhunger, and Everydayhealth.

Collaboration Video for Elijah’s Promise

Hi everybody! It is finally time to reveal the collaborative campaign that Comedians Connected, Encouragemint and myself have been working on with the organization Elijah’s Promise. If you missed the announcement post, Elijah’s Promise is essentially a local organization here in the New Brunswick, New Jersey area on a mission to feed all the people living in the area by providing safe and nutritious food for those in need, educating the community about food safety, and overall empower the community.

This video features a comparison of five different television shows that have used holiday episodes to address homelessness and hunger issues in the community.  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had a two part Thanksgiving episode with two characters working at a food bank.  Beverly Hills 90210 had a character invite a homeless veteran to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family.  Saved By The Bell had a character romantically interested in a homeless woman who lived with her father over the Christmas holiday.  Glee had two three characters volunteering for a food bank for Christmas and had others donate food, decorations, and make a connection with children of financially struggling families.  How I Met Your Mother’s very first Thanksgiving episode was dedicated to three characters volunteering for a homeless shelter to show that the most important thing regarding this cause is that you get involved. I also added two statistics that I got from National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness and an article on CNN Money.

If you want to get involved with Elijah’s Promise or other organization that do similar work in other areas you can reference any one of the links down below:….

Well-known vs. Unknown authors

A well-known author or site is Rotten Tomatoes.  Rotten Tomatoes is a site the does reviews.  They even have an entire page dedicated to lists of shows.  What’s trending now, what’s premiering tonight, best shows of the fall, best shows of all time, best episodes of the week, which shows are have the best seasons.  You name a list, they have it all on this one page.  This website is well renowned as far as rating shows and movies go.  They are constantly sourced in YouTube videos and review articles.  They are the first place people go to see how good something is going to be.  They are trusted by a large portion of the populus.

A lesser known author is YouTuber Stuff With Scout Fly.  He does a lot of review type videos. Top 10 Best Shows, Top 5 Worst Nick Shows, and Top 5 Accidentally Terrifying Kid Shows just to name a few.  The way he talks about each individual show and why it’s a certain position on the list, he makes it sound so intelligent a well thought out.  He makes it look like he knows what he’s talking about and his reasons for why he feels a certain way are all valid reasons.  It’s very hard to argue his positions even though they are opinion based because he’s put a lot of thought into them and has taken careful consideration .

Overall, I want to be able to give my opinions on subjects that matter to me and both of these examples show me how.  Rotten Tomatoes is simple and shows that a rating system can really be universal and give you credibility. Stuff With Scout Fly shows that if you back up your opinions with valid reasoning and facts, you can also increase credibility which can allow your audience to trust you and want to continue to hear from you.

Group’s Progress


taken from Spirit of Love

So far, I’m feeling like my group is progressing well.  We’ve met a couple times now to discuss what our projects will entail and how they connect to each other’s websites.  It’s been hard finding time to meet though since we all have busy schedules.  We’ve made sure to correspond mostly over emai and text so even when we can’t meet, we’re still in correspondence with each other.  We’ve done the best we can.

The skills I’ve learned for audio editing using Audacity has been super helpful in choosing a song for my video.  I was originally going to layer two on top of each other but decided not too.  Even though I am not using Audacity in my project, playing around with the technology helped me see what I wanted the music to be like for my project.  I also tried using Screencast-O-Matic which was a challenge.  It wasn’t opening for me and I didn’t know why.  I found a way around it but it was really frustrating for a while.  Overall, I’m excited to see how my project turns out and am excited to publish it on my website.  I hope it turns out as amazing as it is in my head and I hope it encourages people to go out an make a change in the world.

Two big milestones I’ve hit are finding all the clips that I’m going to use in the video and writing a large portion of my section of the paper.  Two things I am planning on accomplishing in the near future are finishing all of the parts of my paper and finishing the entirety of my video before the deadline of the final. It’s been hard lately because I have had two other projects due on the same day. It’s been difficult to get everything done on time but I am determined to finish it.

Comparison of Two Pieces of Content

The first piece of internet content I want to talk about that is similar to my site is  Overall, I like the website.  It gives ratings for different television shows and even extends their reviews to movies, music and games as well.  It’s a website completely focused on giving reviews.  Ratings out of 100 are generally based on reviews by critics.  They display reviews sent in by professional critics and users.  I only have two issues with the site.  One is that I don’t like how many advertisements are on the site.  It makes it all look very cluttered.  I understand they have to make money but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the entire site.  The second critique I have is that it doesn’t bring anything new or original to the table.  All of their reviews are based on other people, which is great to get thoughts from the general public but a site like mine doesn’t have the acclaim yet to be able to have such results.

The second piece of internet content is a YouTube video by Cracked.  They have a series called “After Hours” where four characters sit in a diner late at night and discuss movie and TV and the cultural significance they have.  The video I will discuss is “Why Every 80’s Sitcom Decided To Kill Off The Mom.”  Though I could never copy the scene structure of these skits for obvious reasons, I do look at this type of video as something that I want my site to strive to be more like.  Right now, my site is simple.  I’m just critiquing shows and drawing attention to the ones that don’t get talked about as much.  This video not only talks about more shows in one video than my entire site combined has, but it also draws on reasons that these patterns in shows exist in regards to the societal structures that are in place at the time they were created.  I hope one day to expand my content to analyzing the social issues that contribute to a show getting made or being cancelled.

Big Announcement!

taken from Elijah’s Promise website

Hello everyone! It’s Skylar Jeremias, the author of TV’s Hidden Gems. I’m excited to announce that for the next couple weeks, I will joining forces with Comedians Connected and Encouragemint for a collaborative campaign. Since all of our sites address some form of coming together to make the world better, we are going to produce a series of podcasts and videos that provide tutorials, reviews, and information about donating food for the homeless and Elijah’s Promise. TV’s Hidden Gems will be making a video project that teaches how food donations are important and how easy it is by analyzing certain episodes of sitcoms, and we’ll be publishing great guest posts by our partners. Comedians Connected will be doing a screencast detailing comedians that have struggled with health problems and have addressed them during their acts to show the importance of food donations.  Encouragemint will also be doing a screencast discussing how to get involved with Elijah’s Promise by helping with food donation, catering and volunteering.


Elijah’s promise is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in our local community.  They believe in making sure no one goes hungry and that everyone has a chance to get a meal regardless of how much money they have.  They believe in helping those less fortunate and giving back.  I want my part of this collaboration to show that these values are instilled in our society and expressedthrough television.   I want to show that those who work in the entertainment industry feel just as strongly about his cause as we do and that they want to shed light on it.  This project is very exciting and near and dear to each of our hearts so be sure to stay tuned.

Keep up to date with TV’s Hidden Gems, Comedians Connected, and Encouragemint as the campaign unfolds, and visit to learn about all of their great educational projects.

Top 5 One Season Comedies You Probably Don’t Remember (Podcast Episode 1)

Making this podcast episode was a lot of fun but also way more work than I was expecting.  I enjoy television shows so I was interested in what I was talking about which makes it fun.  I spent three days going back and forth about the topic I was going to choose.  I was going to do a review but decided that it probably wouldn’t take up the correct amount of time if I were to do a podcast and I knew I would run into copyright problems if I used videos or images in a video.  I thought a top 5 would be easier to take up the ten minutes as well as I knew I wouldn’t really need visuals in order to get my point across.  I was just going to do one season series but the numbers were too high to choose from and I wanted to have a variety in genres if I was to do it like that.  I decided comedies would be easy to narrow down especially since so many comedies in the last few years have failed.  I also decided to go with shows that no one I know remembers in order to relate it to the overall theme of my website.

I had to do research on all of the shows I was going to use including lead actors, time it aired, synopsis (even though I had seen them all in the past), fun facts and more.  I wrote down all of the information in outline form rather than a script.  I thought this would be easier to read off as well as speak without sounding like a robot.  It makes it feel more authentic to the audience.  There are a couple times where I stutter or say “um” which are a little bit sloppy in form but I chose to leave them in there because I didn’t feel like they took away too much from the recording.  Also, I have a nasty cold at the moment and you can clearly hear the difference from the intro to the actual episode.  I sound very naisly and hoarse and I was honestly just proud I didn’t sneeze or cough while recording it.  In addition, leaving the “ums” and stuttering bits make the podcast feel like it’s live which is a quality I really like.


Making the screencast was an interesting experience.  I had to figure out how to use a new program and I ended up really liking it.  It was simple to use and it wasn’t too complicated to figure out.

I maybe filmed about 30 takes of the same three minute screencast.  This is probably because I went without a script.  I was going to write one but I pretty much knew what I was going to say.  I didn’t want to use a script because I wanted it to sound more like how I talk.  I felt that the screencast and the information I was giving out would sound more authentic if I just talked and said what was on my mind without considering too much my actual words.  The multiple takes came from stutters and messing up my words to a point that they didn’t make sense.  My thoughts often skip from the beginning of the sentence in my head to head and change it in the middle so sometimes what I’m saying doesn’t make sense.  You’d think that this would then get me to use a script but I still felt like if I tried enough and continued to say similar ideas that I would eventually get it, and I did.

I also played around with how I was going to move my cursor and how I was going to scroll on each website.  I wasn’t sure if I should click on pages or which widgets to draw attention to or which tags to go in or how far to scroll down.  This was especially difficult with the Tumblr part because I wanted to choose two tags that would get my point across without making the screencast feel cluttered or confusing.  Also, scrolling a ways can be dangerous on Tumblr since there can be very inappropriate or sexual pics that come up without provocation.  I should have included it in the screencast but there are times when there are spam posts that have nothing to do with the tag that will come up.  It’s annoying and often times gross.  I’ve flagged so many in the past and prayed that none would come up when I was doing the screen recording.

Podcast Intro

When creating the intro for my podcast, I wanted something a simple with a fun, upbeat track in the background.  I wanted the track to sound a bit indie rock yet still be fun and I wanted it to give off a feel that what I will be talking about in the podcast are things that no one talks about.  I wanted the track to be instrumental so as not to distract from the parts where I speak but I still wanted it to be intriguing enough during the parts where I’m silent so as not to bore the listener.

The first thing I did was write my script and record my voice using Audacity.  I was already somewhat familiar with Audacity but still had some trouble figuring out the software.  It tooks about two tries to get my voice the way I wanted it.  As someone who hates listening to themselves on tape, I wanted to get the actual recording done as quick as possible.  You can even hear me almost laugh in the audio as well as I feel like I’m speaking rather softly due to my roommates being in an adjacent room and I was afraid they could hear me talking to myself.  Overall though, despite the flaws of the audio, I liked the way it turned out after such few takes.  I thought the part that sounds like I almost crack up really shows who I am and how I want the podcast to be fun and a bit carefree.  I want to be able to be myself in a podcast and not worry about creating a persona for my listeners.  I want the podcast to express how I feel about certain topics and shows but still be authentic to me.

I then added a track I found on called “Scottish Indie” by Scott Holmes.  I went into “effects” to add a fade in and fade out as well as lowered the volume so as not to have it overpower the voice track.  I eported the file once I was happy with it and added it to my soundcloud.  Really excited to see how the rest of my poscast turn out.