Top 5 One Season Comedies You Probably Don’t Remember (Podcast Episode 1)

Making this podcast episode was a lot of fun but also way more work than I was expecting.  I enjoy television shows so I was interested in what I was talking about which makes it fun.  I spent three days going back and forth about the topic I was going to choose.  I was going to do a review but decided that it probably wouldn’t take up the correct amount of time if I were to do a podcast and I knew I would run into copyright problems if I used videos or images in a video.  I thought a top 5 would be easier to take up the ten minutes as well as I knew I wouldn’t really need visuals in order to get my point across.  I was just going to do one season series but the numbers were too high to choose from and I wanted to have a variety in genres if I was to do it like that.  I decided comedies would be easy to narrow down especially since so many comedies in the last few years have failed.  I also decided to go with shows that no one I know remembers in order to relate it to the overall theme of my website.

I had to do research on all of the shows I was going to use including lead actors, time it aired, synopsis (even though I had seen them all in the past), fun facts and more.  I wrote down all of the information in outline form rather than a script.  I thought this would be easier to read off as well as speak without sounding like a robot.  It makes it feel more authentic to the audience.  There are a couple times where I stutter or say “um” which are a little bit sloppy in form but I chose to leave them in there because I didn’t feel like they took away too much from the recording.  Also, I have a nasty cold at the moment and you can clearly hear the difference from the intro to the actual episode.  I sound very naisly and hoarse and I was honestly just proud I didn’t sneeze or cough while recording it.  In addition, leaving the “ums” and stuttering bits make the podcast feel like it’s live which is a quality I really like.